Ariane’s thread #1-1b | Nope, the Church hasn’t really changed its mind on Evolution

Misleading headlines are exactly that: misleading. Those who know little about Catholic history are shocked. The sad part is that some of these articles actually do mention theistic evolution has been a part of Catholic teachings for at least six decades.Ariane’s thread #1-1b | Nope, the Church hasn’t really changed its mind on Evolution

This sums up pretty well Kara Gordon’s reporting for The Altantic on the media frenzy over some of the statements made by Pop Francis on the compatibility between science (on evolution) and faith during his last address to the Pontifical Academy of Science. Plus | More

Ariane’s thread #1-2 | Inconsistent decisions with respect to health

But he said Hickox was broadly waging an important fight against policies that are not based on science and are fanning fears that aren’t justified. « We need to really get a grip here, » Gostin concluded.

via The Renegade Nurse – The Atlantic.

Cute-Blue-Monsters-iconOh so true! This story just shows how some political reactions are particularly ridiculous. Indeed, here we’ve got someone who’s obviously not contagious ordered into quarantine. Very recently, we’ve had anti-vax lobbies fighting off local authorities’ decisions to ban non-vaccinated children from going to public schools, as there is a very real risks of contamination among the kids, since they really do share everything, arguing that these decisions violate parental religious freedom! And well, at least in one of the most publicized case,  the court ruled in favor of the states authorities. But now, we’ve got the same authorities who will violate individual’s freedom of movement just to calm down « mob fear »! Such contradictory behavior can only add more confusion to the ongoing health policy debates! It is really high time that people in charge of state institutions decide whether they want to base their decision on hard facts or on electoral mood indicators or whoever is yelling louder! And this isn’t just valid for the US, but for most Western countries!