Factuellement correct #5 | Quand les questions dans le texte deviennent des affirmations dans les accroches

Jamais à cours de réformes du journalisme, voilà que la « Rédaction » des Observateurs.ch est en passe d’instaurer le glissement de la question à l’affirmation comme modalité révolutionnaire d’information! Et elle confirme aussi son goût pour le colportage d’attaques personnelles totalement gratuites contre les politiciens qui lui déplaisent!

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On-the-spot reaction #2-1 | Seema Jilani: My Racist Encounter at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

Despite being a native English speaker who was born in New Orleans and a physician who trained at a prestigious institution, all people see is the color of my skin. After this incident, I will no longer apologize, either for my faith or my complexion. It is not my job to convince you to distinguish me from the violent sociopaths that claim to be Muslims, whose terrorism I neither support, nor condone. It is your job. Just like when a disturbed young white man shoots up a movie theatre or a school, it is my job, as someone with a conscience, to distinguish them from others. It’s not my job to plead with you to shake my hand without cringing, nor am I going to applaud you when you treat me with common decency; it’s not an accomplishment. It’s simply the right thing to do. Honestly, it’s not that hard.

via Seema Jilani: My Racist Encounter at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Basically, stop blaming victims of discrimination for their discriminator’s incapacity of acting rationally and their tendency to take their own life frustration at other people singled out for their skin color, religious belonging and ethnic origin! This is particularly aimed at all these bigoted people who keep demanding of Muslims, any Muslims, that they systematically go politic and claim publicly their outrage at any act of violence perpetrated in the name of Islam, if they ever want these same bigoted people to ever trust them. It is time we tell all these neoconservatives and extreme-right wing intellectuals who keep using this type of argument that they are the people who actually have a problem, not the millions of Muslims who just want to live their lives without having to report every day about it!