La science en tant que méthode au musée d’histoire naturelle de Genève


Qu’est-ce que la science et quelle est sa méthode? Voilà une question qui préoccupe beaucoup les milieux zététiques, mais beaucoup moins le grand public. Ce serait pourtant une nécessité pour démystifier de nombreux préjugés qui tendent à empoisonner les débats sur des sujets sociétaux relevant de la science (le nucléaire, …

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Following the debate thread #13 | The « call to nature » bias and feminism

In a blog post, Jerry Coyne regrets that many on the left outright rejects scientific data that seems to contradict their ideological stance. This is particularly acute when it comes to the confrontation between feminism or gender studies and biology.  I say « seems », because science doesn’t tell us how the world should be, only how it is. Indeed, our tendency to look up to nature as the autority over everything can make us forget that fact. That is what one can call the « call to nature » pitfall.

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Following the debate threads #13 | Agriculture and contamination: can #GMO really contaminate #organic crops?

A couple of months ago, the Genetic Literacy Project published an article that particularly illustrates the complete disconnect between what science tells us about nature and how political rhetoric portrays it. Entitiled Myth busting on ‘contamination’: GMO farms’ halo effect often protects organic farms, it takes a swipe at the use of the word « contamination » in discussions about the possibility for genetically engineered (GE) and non-GE crops to grow in the same region. Here are the main arguments summarized in 3 points: Plus | More

Earth, Humanism and agroecology: Our visit to the Ardèche agroecologists

This is an English translation of a blog post published in French by the Ardèche chapter of the AFIS (Association française pour l’information scientifique – the French Asssociation for Scientific Information) back in 2012 about their picturesque visit to a so-called experimental agroecology farm in the Southern France region of Ardèche. …

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